App Development Android and Mac

We understand the needs for application design and development at Maple Technologies. We appreciate that a good application depicts the discipline and customer-oriented focus of a company.

At Maple Technologies, we fulfill all your application development requirements by integrating these crucial parameters in the development process.

  • 1. Intuitive UI Design

    The use of an intuitive design will help you increase your market share considerably. You will always find people willing to use the application that boasts a simple and intuitive interface than one that flaunts unnecessary graphical elements. The application developers at Maple Technologies have an experience of creating and launching multiple applications. This allows them to understand how an application works and make the entire process simple and intuitive for the user.
  • 2. Appealing UX Design

    The use of an appealing UX design will help you achieve your user acquisition goals. It will help you create a great first impression in the minds of the users thereby also help you with user retention. The expert graphic designers at Maple Technologies can create an alluring UX design to compete against the top application as well as optimize your application’s performance.
  • 3. Use of App Analytics

    The use of advanced app analytic tools helps us keep track of your application’s growth progress. We extend our cooperation beyond application development thereby allowing us to take steps to increase user interaction with the application. The developers at Maple Technologies are well-versed with the use of several app analytical tools that give you a detailed report on your application progress.
  • 4. Branding and Logo

    We also take care of the logo modification as well as branding process of your application as it progresses to the number one spot in the iTunes/Google Play store.
  • 5. Support for Multiple Platforms

    We develop applications for iOS as well as Android to help you reach a wider range of audience. We can help you create native as well as hybrid applications as per your needs. The expert developers in our team can operate on multiple development platforms thereby allowing them to make use of the best features of several platforms at a time.
  • 6. Market Research and Analysis

    Before starting an application development process, we put a lot of efforts in conducting ample market research and analysis. This allows us to assess the competition efficiently and thereby design an application accordingly.
  • 7. Advertisement and Revenue Generation

    You already know that there are several ways of generating revenue from an application. Advertising is one of the major ways that allows you to generate a considerable amount of money in small time. Due to our wide history with the application development process, we have several contacts in the advertising industry. We can easily help you connect with these agencies to get the best advertisement deals.
  • 8. App Interface Optimization

    You do not want your application to perform sluggishly. A lagging and slow application interface instantly turn off a user, and he/she will move on to your competition. A good app interface optimization carried out by Maple Technologies, will allow you to speed up the application performance significantly.
  • 9. Application Testing

    Using the best application testing tools, we ensure that your application is securely encrypted from any potential hacking threats. We use advanced application testing strategies to make sure that there are no loopholes in your application’s interface.
  • 10. App Store Optimization

    Using advanced app store optimization techniques, we can ensure that your application rises quickly to the top positions on the app store. Make sure you contact us for consultation before kicking off with your next big application development project.