Web Development

Maple Technologies is one of the world’s leading companies in providing open source development services to its clients. With Maple Technologies, you have the option to choose from various types of open source development services. We provide expert consultancy as well as complete development services, personalized as per your specific needs.

We also host a dedicated team of software and website testers that allows us to search the website thoroughly for bugs, before handing it over to you. We use heavy encryption to ensure that the personal data, of all your customers, is safe in your hands. Complying with the latest GDPR norms while developing the website, we ensure that your website is up to date with all the regulatory standards for internet users all over the world.

Open Source Web Development Services

The web development professionals at Maple Technologies have an expertise in developing websites using various open source development services. This proficiency helps you in personalizing the entire experience thereby allowing you to choose the best features from multiple services for your website.

Some of the open source development services that we use include the following:

HTML Development

The HTML development will help you build a strong backbone for the website user interface. With the HTML development service, you can inculcate various plugins and features for providing updates as your website grows. With the strategic implementation of HTML services, as done by the experts at Maple Technologies, you can include the nifty features from various other open source platforms.

Drupal Development

With the Drupal development, you can also add nifty little animations to your website that help in personalizing the browsing experience for your customers. Easy browsing then leads to increase in customer retention which is crucial for every website. The customization and theme design with Drupal allows you to create a website interface that is intuitive to use as well as easy-on-the-eyes of the users.

Joomla Development

The developers at Maple Technologies have several years’ worth experience working with the Joomla open source platform. This allows them to know the platform inside out and makes use of the best features to customize the website as per your requirements. Optimized development process over the Joomla platform allows our developers to create a high-performance lag free browsing experience for your customers. We also use advanced plugin development to allow you to modify the website for optimization as you add more content to it.

Wordpress Development

WordPress is one of the most famous development platforms that offers easy access to plugins. However, it consists of several advanced features that you can use to increase the productivity of your website. With the help of an expert WordPress developer at Maple Technologies, you can harness the best of these advanced features to increase user acquisition. The WordPress platform offers a simple and intuitive interface that allows the customer to browse through the website interface without the need for any special instructions. We have served several industries using the comprehensive web development services on the WordPress platform in the past.

CMS Development Services

Apart from the mentioned open source development services, we provide you with advanced CMS development services. These services help you increase the productivity as well as the aesthetic appeal of your website. A proficient CMS development helps you display all your products/services in a customer-friendly manner on your website.

By creating a systematic workflow environment, the developers at Maple Technologies can optimize the website viewing experience for your customers. When it comes to open source platform development, you can rely on Maple Technologies to deliver efficient as well as a bug-free website in the minimum amount of time.

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