Content Writing

At Maple Technologies, we host a team of dedicated full time as well as freelance content developers. Our team of content developers has a healthy habit of reading fiction as well as non-fiction material to allow their creative juices to flow while developing content for you. We offer you various types of content options.

With the help of expert content developers at Maple Technologies, you can avail the following types of content.

  • 1. Technical Content

    Our creative department works in close integration with the technical department at Maple Technologies. Therefore, they are well-versed with common as well as complex technical terms in various fields. This allows the content development team at Maple Technologies to develop stark technical content that puts forward the idea of your product and service in the simplest terms for your customers to understand.
  • 2. Content for Advertisement Purposes

    We all understand the need for customer interaction using advertisement in the current market. It is crucial for every company to invest a considerable amount of funds into marketing and customer representation. This helps you in developing a new product and improving your services as per customer requirements. You can develop an appealing advertisement to increase the existing customer interaction as well as acquire new audience in this competitive market.
  • 3. Web Content

    The requirements for web content are quite different from that of an article, blog or an editorial. You need efficient channels of marketing and good SEO development to make sure that your web page is visible on the search engine. The content developers at Maple Technologies make sure that they understand the core functioning as well as ethics of your company before developing new content for you to give you laser focussed, appealing content.
  • 4. Blog Content

    It is a great idea to run a dedicated blog for business on its website to promote product/service as well as attract a new audience. Content writers at Maple Technologies run their blogs and stay updated with the latest blogging trends around the world. They also read newspapers to stay in touch with the latest news and social trends. This allows these expert bloggers to easily create campaigns as well as content that is relatable to people. By creating and maintaining a dedicated blog for your business, Maple Technologies can help you grow your business several folds.
  • 5. Editorial Content

    It is crucial for a content developer to understand the work ethic and the mindset of an organization before developing editorial content for it. Since the editorial reflects the company’s thinking strategy, we make sure that our content developer is well versed all your company policies as well as ethics before starting content development.
  • 6. Branding Content

    With the help of branding content provided by Maple Technologies, you can easily create a great impression in the minds of your existing as well as new customers. We help you create an unforgettable brand image in the market by using the best analytical and content creation right tools.
  • 7. Guides for Website/Application/Product Use

    We can create a simple and intuitive user manual/guide for your customers in case you are launching a new portal, application or product. We make a comprehensive study of your product, application, portal to make sure that all major and minor aspects of its usage are covered efficiently. You can easily promote your product and make it more useful for your most valued customers using a simplified guide. The content development team at Maple Technologies is available at your service 24 x 7 for all your content needs. Do consider us for your next project.